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It is possible that Akhal Teke is a descendant of an older breed generally known as the Turkoman horse, and a few claim it’s the same breed. The tribes of Turkmenistan selectively bred the horses, recording their pedigrees orally and utilizing them for raiding.

Akhal is the name of the line of oases along the north slope of the Kopet Dag mountains in Turkmenistan. There are sure breeds of horses which are small and these are referred to as ponies. A horse’s hoof is at all times growing and needs to be clipped. Farriers are folks focusing on taking care of horses’ hooves and placing on horse footwear. There are sure breeds of horses which might be small and these are typically referred to as ponies.

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These horses are tailored to extreme weather conditions and are regarded as one of many oldest existing horse breeds. There are presently about 6,600 Akhal-Tekes in the world, mostly in Turkmenistan, although they’re also discovered all through Europe and North America.


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The breed was used within the dropping fight towards the Russian Empire, and was subsumed into the Empire together with its nation. The Turkoman has influenced many other breeds, including trendy warmbloods, and recent analysis confirms that Turkoman stallions made significant contributions to the event of the Thoroughbred. However, there also exists the possibility that each one Akhal-Tekes at present have a Thoroughbred sire line. The Soviet Union printed the primary stud guide for the breed in 1941, together with over seven hundred horses. They have a reputation for pace and endurance, intelligence, and a distinctive metallic sheen. The shiny coat of the breed led to their nickname, “Golden Horses”.