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Thrasher, Brown

Birds corresponding to owls that hunt at night time have wings with gentle rounded feathers so that they do not flap loudly. Birds corresponding to geese that migrate from one nation to a different fly very long distances. Their wings are huge and powerful, because the birds are giant they usually stock up on meals for the lengthy flight. They fly very excessive, making use of lengthy streams of air that blow from north to south in numerous seasons.

Stilt, Black


Their eggs are shaped in order that they roll around in circles and don’t fall off cliffs. It lays its egg in the nest of another fowl and leaves it for them to care for. The cuckoo eggs are camouflaged to seem like the host’s eggs. For birds that choose new mates, part of the breeding season is show. The male chook will do all types of things to draw females.

These embrace singing, dancing, displaying off the feathers and constructing an attractive nest. Some male birds have splendid feathers for attracting females. The most famous is the peacock who can unfold the feathers above his tail into a huge fan.

The thought of what’s an acceptable place differs between species, but most construct fowl nests. Robins will make a beautiful little spherical nest of woven grass and carefully line it with feathers, bits of fluff and other gentle issues. They make nests from little blobs of clay, typically on a beam close to the roof of a constructing the place it is nicely sheltered. Eagle’s nests are sometimes just piles of useless wood on the top of the tallest tree or mountain. Scrub turkeys scratch together a huge pile of leaves that could be 10 metres throughout. Guillemots lay their eggs on rock cabinets with no nest at all.