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Species that are unable to defend feeding territories, corresponding to seabirds and swifts, often breed in colonies instead; that is thought to offer safety from predators. Colonial breeders defend small nesting websites, and competitors between and inside species for nesting sites could be intense. Homosexual behaviour has been noticed in males or females in quite a few species of birds, together with copulation, pair-bonding, and joint parenting of chicks. Over one hundred thirty avian species all over the world have interaction in sexual interactions between the identical intercourse or homosexual behaviours.

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Although territory and nest site defence, incubation, and chick feeding are often shared duties, there’s generally a division of labour in which one mate undertakes all or most of a particular obligation. The length and nature of parental care varies broadly amongst completely different orders and species. At one excessive, parental care in megapodes ends at hatching; the newly hatched chick digs itself out of the nest mound without parental help and may fend for itself immediately. The chick guard stage describes the period of breeding during which one of many adult birds is permanently present on the nest after chicks have hatched. The primary objective of the guard stage is to help offspring to thermoregulate and protect them from predation.

“Same-intercourse courtship actions might contain elaborate displays, synchronized dances, gift-giving ceremonies, or behaviors at particular display areas including bowers, arenas, or leks.” Bird calls and songs, that are produced within the syrinx, are the main means by which birds communicate with sound.

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Some birds additionally use mechanical sounds for auditory communication. The Coenocorypha snipes of New Zealand drive air by way of their feathers, woodpeckers drum for lengthy-distance communication, and palm cockatoos use tools to drum. Migration is extremely demanding energetically, particularly as birds have to cross deserts and oceans with out refuelling. Landbirds have a flight vary of around 2,500 km and shorebirds can fly up to 4,000 km , though the bar-tailed godwit is capable of non-stop flights of up to 10,200 km .


The range of characteristics of birds is nice, typically even in carefully associated species. Several avian characteristics are compared in the desk beneath. Many birds actively defend a territory from others of the identical species during the breeding season; maintenance of territories protects the meals supply for his or her chicks.