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In 1881, Turkmenistan grew to become a part of the Russian Empire. The tribes fought with the tsar, finally losing. The Russians closed the studbook in 1932 which included 287 stallions and 468 mares. Tribal individuals in what right now is Turkmenistan first used the Akhal-Teke for raiding. The horses had been their most treasured possession since they were crucial for income and survival. They selectively bred their horses, preserving information of the pedigrees via an oral custom. Horses have been managed and trained in very specific ways.

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The Anglo Akhal-Tekes weren’t so resilient nevertheless, as their Akhal-Teke ancestors, and lots of died because of the harsh circumstances of Central Asia. Due to this truth there doesn’t exist any Akhal-Teke today whose ancestry would not contain a Thoroughbred. Since 1973, all foals have to be blood typed to be accepted within the stud e-book in order to shield the integrity of the breed. From 2014 on, a DNA take a look at based mostly on hair follicles is sufficient if the DNA of the mother and father is on file.

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A stallion not producing the best type of horse could also be removed. Nowadays, synthetic insemination is allowed as well as embryo transfer. The surrogate mother, however, must be a pureblood Akhal-Teke mare for the foal to be registered within the General Studbook as a pureblood Akhal-Teke. In addition to Turkmenistan there are breeders in Russia and Central Asia, Europe, the US, Uruguay, and Australia. The breed suffered significantly when the Soviet Union required horses to be slaughtered for meat, despite the fact that native Turkmen refused to eat them.

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Stallions have been tethered next to the tent whereas mares and foals had been free to hunt forage. The stallions have been covered from head to tail with as much as seven layers of felt, which kept their coat short and shiny.

At one point only one,250 horses remained and export from the Soviet Union was banned. The authorities of Turkmenistan now uses the horses as diplomatic presents as well as auctioning a couple of to boost cash for improved horse breeding applications.